Frequently asked questions

MemberRx is an innovative specialty pharmacy currently focused on managing the complex health needs of Ontario’s education community.

MemberRx is focused on providing specialty medications and related patient care. Only plan members requiring certain specialty medications will be referred to MemberRx via the FACET Prior Authorization Program.

Specialty drugs are generally high-cost prescription medications (i.e. cost more than $10,000 a year) and require prior authorization. They are typically used to treat plan members with complex health management needs.

Monday to Friday, 9 am. to 5 p.m.

‘Prescription transfer’ means moving your prescription(s) from your current pharmacy to a new pharmacy. This process is often simple with most of the logistics handled between your current pharmacy and the new pharmacy.

If your benefits plan requires you to transfer your existing prescription to MemberRx, the Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan (OTIP) will contact you and provide you with details of how you complete the transfer of your prescription to MemberRx. If you have further questions, please contact OTIP Benefits Services. 

All prescriptions filled by MemberRx will be delivered to you free of charge to the address you provide, or an alternate agreed upon address.

MemberRx is dedicated to meeting your delivery and dispensing needs.  

MemberRx will work with you to make the delivery process convenient and hassle free. If your needs change at any time after your first delivery details have been confirmed, please contact MemberRx to discuss other options. 

Yes, during your initial call with a MemberRx pharmacist, your personalized needs and specialty drug handling requirements will be reviewed.

Yes, anyone over the age of 18-years can sign for your delivery or pick-up your prescription from MemberRx.

Arrangements can be made for out-of-province delivery.

When you are contacted by MemberRx, please mention this. This will allow the MemberRx pharmacy time to coordinate details with the prescriber.

Arrangements can be made to have extra medications dispensed.

When you are contacted by MemberRx, please mention this. This will allow the MemberRx pharmacy time to coordinate dispensing details with the prescriber.

Yes, members of the MemberRx clinical team are available to speak with patients during pharmacy hours, Monday to Friday, 9 am. to 5 p.m.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmacy experience, the MemberRx clinical team will work closely with patients to provide personalized, expert health management and education.

MemberRx is dedicated to providing the highest-level pharmacy experience.

The pharmacy’s operating hours are standard to other specialty pharmacies.

MemberRx also has its own delivery team which provides flexibility and removes the need to rely entirely on third-party delivery services.

If you have any concerns with MemberRx meeting your specialty prescription needs, please contact MemberRx at 1-647-260-9797 to speak to a pharmacist.

It is important that your current pharmacy respects your prescription transfer request and helps to facilitate the transfer process in an efficient manner, and in accordance with federal and provincial regulations.

If your current pharmacy delays your prescription transfer request, please contact MemberRx at 1-647-260-9797.

We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality and protection of your personal information and personal health information.

To learn more, visit the MemberRx Privacy Policy.

When you receive your medication delivery, follow the “receiving your delivery” instructions in your medication package. These instructions include steps on how to properly store your medication, confirm receipt of your medication, and ship your medication packaging back to MemberRx for re-use (if applicable).

If your benefits plan has selected MemberRx as the exclusive distributor for your specialty drugs, you are no longer included in Manulife’s Specialty Drug Care (SDC) Program. This means that Manulife’s SDC Program has no impact on you.

To ensure there is no disruption in patient care or coverage, the prescription transfer must be completed within three business days* of receiving the initial request.

There is no need for you to contact the patient to verify the transfer request; delaying the transfer for this reason interferes with the continuity of patient care and may cause an interruption in drug coverage for your patient.

*If the next prescription fill is scheduled to take place within the next two weeks, please fill that prescription and initiate the transfer immediately following that fill. If the next prescription fill is beyond two weeks, please initiate the prescription transfer now.

MemberRx has been designated by your patient’s benefits plan as the exclusive distributor for certain preauthorized specialty medications. This means that certain specialty medications will only be covered by your patient’s benefits plan if they are dispensed by MemberRx.

MemberRx delivers the highest quality pharmacy experience to Ontario’s education community and offers personalized patient care to benefit plan members and their eligible dependants.

Yes, the patient can have their specialty medication(s) delivered to their current pharmacy.