Frequently asked questions

MemberRx is an innovative specialty pharmacy focused on managing the complex health needs of Ontario’s education community.

Once MemberRx is fully accredited, MemberRx will be focused on providing specialty medications and related patient care. Only plan members requiring certain specialty medications will be referred to MemberRx by the FACET Prior Authorization Program.

If your benefits plan requires you to transfer your existing prescription to MemberRx, OTIP will contact you and provide you with details of how you can provide your consent to transfer your prescription. Once you’ve provided consent, a member of the MemberRx team will contact you when they are ready to transfer your prescription. If you have further questions, please contact OTIP Benefits Services.

All specialty prescriptions from MemberRx will be delivered, free of charge. 

Specialty drugs are generally high-cost prescription medications (i.e. cost more than $10,000 a year) and require prior authorization. They are typically used to treat plan members with complex health management needs.